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6 Women You Should Date

• Francios OlivierIt has been a while since we talked about women. Here's a treat for the single guys.

Friday 31st of July The
Rambler ... Working for Taxi Fare

If Namibia has a strike season, I can feel its approaching winds blowing piss sprinkles in my face.

Friday 31st of July The
Lesson Learned

She wasn't what you would describe as the epitome of a girly mother.

Friday 31st of July The
Sugar and Spice ... Love and Longevity

The couple at the gym don't kiss hello. She gets in after her workout, he starts the car and they drive off - seemingly silently into the sunset.

Friday 31st of July The
Behind the Bitcoin

Technology is so advanced that we've come to a point where people around the world are slowly but surely branching into digital currency, now known as bitcoins.

Friday 31st of July The
Confessions of a Kasi Casanova ... Thanks for the Land, Now Give Us Women

I am usually not a politics fan but at times like these, I wish I was part of the AR team that made the president come to his senses of...

Friday 31st of July The
New Leadership and International Dialogue

I am proud of my generation. We are definitely set to create the world that we dream of and cry for. We are inspired and unapologetic. You cannot stop us.

Friday 31st of July The
The Chronicles of 'Respectful Cheating'

Imagian you're going out with your friend and you spot your partner cheating in public. How embarrassing would that be? Some people have found themselves in situations like this, but...

Friday 31st of July The
Fly, Little Bird, Fly

I know you are out there, shy one. Sometimes you're in the back, refusing to put up your hand and say what the world needs to hear.

Friday 31st of July The
Egumbo lyomukalimo gwomOshakati lya teyagulwa po

OMUKALIMO gwomolukanda Oshoopala mOshakati moshitopolwa shaShana, meme Vistorina Angla okwi itsa omutse koongolo sho egumbo lye lyongulu lya mbonyagulwa po palombwelo lyElelo lyaShakati, mo20 Juli 2015.

Friday 31st of July The
The History of Rhythm and Blues

In 1948, Jerry Wexler of Billboard magazine coined the term 'rhythm and blues' as a musical term in the United States replacing the term 'race music', which originated from the...

Friday 31st of July The