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No Time To Read

There are three stacks of books on my living room floor which come up to my knees. I am not...

Thursday 1st of January   The

Begging the President

KINDLY allow me to direct these few words to our President regarding the approval of phosphate mining by the government.

Thursday 1st of January   The

Up Close and Personal With Papakhi

For most of us, our first interaction with make-up was probably sitting and watching our mother put on lipstick, a...

Thursday 1st of January   The

Iilyo yoSwapo ya hala uunashili waKathindi

IILYO yongundu Swapo moshitopolwa shaSwakopmund oya hala okuuva kutya oshe ende ngiini opo omunangeshefa Sylvanus 'Bobboh' Kathindi a hogololelwe oshipundi...

Thursday 1st of January   The

How To (Not) Be a Savage

Before we get into it, please note that this column is strictly comedic and should in no way be attempted....

Thursday 1st of January   The

Colonialism in Mauritius

WE WOULD like to bring to the attention of the Namibian people the ongoing colonialism in Mauritius.

Thursday 1st of January   The

Why Did You Cheat?

"These are my confessions,” Usher sings on his hit track 'Confessions'. We all have secrets, deep dark ones.

Thursday 1st of January   The

Why 'Men Are Trash'

"ALL men are trash and it's non-negotiable. Of course some are arguably recyclable, but trash nonetheless.”

Thursday 1st of January   The

Omukokele ta ti okwa fundjwa kepangelo

OMUKOKELE gwomimvo 99, ngoka ta ti kutya omukondjelimanguluko molwashoka okwa kutha ombinga miita yekondjelomanguluko sho a kala ta kwathele aakwiita...

Thursday 1st of January   The

Ombudsman Dead Silent

THE HORRIBLE stench from the phosphate mining spat has once again brought to the fore the shady dealings that...

Thursday 1st of January   The

Kobi Alexander's 'Shalom Park' on ice

AFTER the extradition of Kobi Alexander for crimes he had alledgedly committed in the US, some of his properties are...

Thursday 1st of January   The