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Editorial ... Are our Children in Safe Hands?

WE CANNOT even begin to imagine how difficult it had been for the schoolgirl and her parents to have a...

Thursday 1st of January   The

Our Education Quagmire

• NAFTAL K. SHIGWEDHAOVER THE past 26 years since Namibia attained her independence, the education system has undergone several reforms,...

Thursday 1st of January   The

'Efutitho lyomulongisikola molwiihulo ohoni onene'

OMUNONGOVETA, noku li wo hahende moshimpungu shegameno lyuuthemba womuntu Norman Tjombe okwa hokola kutya etokolo lyokufutitha omulongisikola sho a kwataakwata...

Thursday 1st of January   The

Frontlining on Twitter

TROUBLES at home, troubles beyond our borders. Tweeps tweet the moment and mull the issues.

Thursday 1st of January   The

Operation Tulongeni, Tulongeni Shike?

AS HAS BEEN reported in daily newspapers, government is to provide farmers with supplements to help with crop production for...

Thursday 1st of January   The

Education Journey Without Destination

THERE are absolutely concrete reasons why so many graduates from the northern parts of Namibia have so many careers in...

Thursday 1st of January   The

Africa In 2017 : The Stories Worth Watching

We don't really know what or who will dominate the African news agenda in 2017, and predictions in the post-Trump...

Thursday 1st of January   The

Mexico's lower house shows up as 'Chamber of...

Pranksters changed the name of Mexico's lower house of congress to the 'Chamber of Rats' on Google maps on Tuesday...

Thursday 1st of January   The

Sugar and Spice...This House

I've lived in the same house since I was born. While it hasn't looked exactly as it looks now, our...

Thursday 1st of January   The

Uncovering Drones

Unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs), more commonly known as drones, were predominantly used in the military first as a method of...

Thursday 1st of January   The

Managing Your Finances as a Couple

Statistics cite that finances are one of the main reasons couples get divorced, putting even more importance on discussing financial...

Thursday 1st of January   The