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Fish River Lodge in southern Namibia is the only lodge perched directly on the rim of the Fish River Canyon offering guests breathtaking views of the canyon from sunrise to sunset. Experience first hand the geological forces that unfolded 300 million years ago, when the Fish River began to etch its way through hard quartzite forming a Canyon 90 km long, making it the world's second largest Canyon. Set in a grove of ancient Quiver trees (Aloe dichotoma), the Lodge has been carefully designed to echo the terraced and rugged terrain as well as the colours and textures of the landscape thereby offering guests a pleasant change from the typical 'safari' type lodge found elsewhere in Africa. There is a blend of classical and contemporary furnishings and many of the accessories have been made by San and Nama communities whose ancestors once roamed the terrain; authenticity, comfort and simplicity are key to the Lodge's unique ambiance. Black eagles enjoy the thermal updrafts and fascinating desert adapted plants thrive in this unique eco system. Rare mountain zebra and elusive klipspringer, oryx and kudu roam the remote valleys and side canyons, whilst Cape clawless otter, fish eagle and other water-loving species inhabit the permanent pools along the river. The geology of the canyon is as fascinating as the archaeology and for the expert or the curious, there is much to discover and learn. Ancient pictoglyph sites are in abundance as are Stone Age tools, a reminder of those who wandered the landscape and took refuge at permanent water holes in this harsh terrain thousands of years ago. With 45 000 hectare situated in Canyon Nature Park, including 75 km of river frontage, here you have space to explore, time to relax and friendly staff to make you feel welcome. With only 8 meters from the rim of the Canyon, at Fish River Lodge you will truly feel as though you are on the edge of eternity.


The main Lodge caters for indoor and outdoor living, given the extremes of weather that can be experienced throughout the year. Good home-cooked food with stylish touches is served on handcrafted tables from reclaimed wood next to crackling fires in winter or outside on the deck in summer. We can cater for specific dietary requirements and children meals.

Drinks can be enjoyed in the indoor or outdoor bar area overlooking the swimming pool.


    ·Twenty spacious chalets positioned along the rim with sufficient distance from each other to ensure privacy and quiet at all times.

    ·The 6 double and 14 twin rooms each have a large walk-in pebble stone shower and dressing room and a secluded outside shower adjacent to the indoor bathroom.

    ·The all-round rooftop windows offer you a starry view of the night sky while you drift away to sleep.

    ·Outside bed platform next to the veranda for guests who prefer a night under a blanket of stars – (Our staff will make up your outside bed on request)

    ·Double rooms can be converted into family rooms for parents with maximum two children.

    ·Each room is equipped with a metal pedestal fan and small writing desk and lamp.

    ·No mosquito nets required – the prevailing evening wind keep insects away from the plateau.

Lodge co-ordinates: S 27 31.640 E 17 32.213

Guests chartering in by plane are requested to coordinate their arrival and pick up times with our Reservations office beforehand.

    ·Our airstrip is situated 4 km from the lodge.

    Airstrip GPS:S 27 30.237 E 17 31.657

    Compacted gravel surface

    Length 1.6 Km

    Name: Grand View Airstrip


    ·Children under 6 years sharing with parents stay free of charge.

    ·Children under 12 years sharing with parents pay 50% of adult rate.

    ·Children under the age of 12 years pay 50% for activities.

    ·Children joining activities must be under parents supervision at all times.

Credit Cards accepted:




Cancellation policy:

    ·4-6 weeks notice – 25% cancellation fee.

    ·3-4 weeks notice – 50% cancellation fee.

    ·2-3 weeks notice – 75% cancellation fee.

1-2 weeks notice – 90% cancellation fee.

Canyon Day Drive (Full Day)

Experience an amazing variety of geological features as you journey into the depths of the second largest canyon in the world. See rough limestone, shiny quartzite, fine shale and dramatic fault lines.

Catch your breath as you take in the dramatic views of the river before descending into the base of the canyon for refreshments by the river.

The excursion is approximately 7 hours.

    ·Departure time from the lodge – After an early breakfast between 06h00 – 07h00.

    ·Minimum 2 guests per excursion - Max 9 per vehicle.

    ·Children under 12 are discounted at 50% of adult rate.

AM Scenic Drive

The AM scenic drive is the perfect introduction to the geology of this fascinating landscape. The drive will take you around the pristine Canyon nature Park, passing by some water points which will give you the opportunity to read signs of past animal activities. There will be chances to see general game as well as Karoo Korhaan and Ludwigs Bastard for the bird lovers.

    ·Departure times vary from 7:30am in winter to 8:00am in summer.

    ·The drive is between 3 to 4 hours before returning to the lodge for lunch.

    ·Minimum 2 guests per excursion - Max 9 per vehicle.

    ·Children under 12 are discounted at 50% of adult rate.

Canyon Rim Walks

Awaken your senses with an easy un-guided walk from the lodge along the rim of the canyon, providing spectacular scenery, space to breath & time to reflect. Guided walks are available subject to demand. Our guides are experienced and keen to share their information on the resilient flora and fauna of this harsh environment and stunning geological features.

·It is recommended to do this walk either early morning or late afternoon.

Canyon Breakfast – Fly in trip

This activity caters for visitors who do not overnight at the Fish River Lodge or not satisfied with only a fly over either. Arrive at Canyon Nature Park airstrip from where your guide will transfer you to the lodge for a wholesome breakfast. After breakfast and a short briefing you will venture further out on the plateau towards the main lookout point where there is opportunity for photography and a detailed explanation of the geology and interesting facts about the area. The duration of this activity is between 45 minutes to an hour. Guests not in a hurry to leave are welcome to book lunch on the patio, accompanied by infinite vistas dropping down from the edge of eternity. After your visit you will be transferred back to the airstrip where your plane awaits you.

PM Scenic Sundowner Drive

The afternoon scenic drive will take you on top of the plateau where we will be stopping at two different viewpoints where you can admire the infinite vistas of the Canyon. The guide will also explain the geology, flora and fauna of this fascinating landscape. Watch the sun set while enjoying drinks, snacks and panoramic views of the canyon and meandering Fish River.

    ·Departure time from the lodge varies from 15:30pm in winter to 18:00pm in summer, so please leave plenty of time when arriving at the lodge by car as this enchanting excursion is not to be missed.

    ·Minimum 2 guests per excursion - Max 9 per vehicle.

    ·Children under 12 are discounted at 50% of adult rate.

Canyon Day Hike (Full Day or Half Day)

Only from April to September

Get intimate with the canyon on this challenging but, rewarding journey of discovery with expert guidance. Climb down the sheer face of the upper canyon wall, traverse the rock strewn wilderness and descend through a stunning gorge.Enjoy lunch and drinks at a shaded spot while absorbing the view of the Fish River.

    ·Departure time will vary according to the season for this 8 – 10 hour guided expedition.

    ·Trainers/hiking boots & backpacks are essential.

The five night canyon hike from Fish River Lodge is an invigorating 64km journey of discovery within 45,000 hectares of private park land in the magnificent Fish River Canyon; Namibia’s most impressive geological feature.

Our experienced guides will reveal the resilient flora and fauna of this harsh landscape. Your private chef will wait every evening at your prepared camp with drinks and a bush dinner and fortify you with a wholesome breakfast every morning.

Your first night staying at the Lodge will mark the beginning of an unforgettable experience. After taking in the stylish architecture, the magnificent views and an excellent dinner your guide will brief you on your forthcoming canyon adventure.

Day 1The first day hiking will be an enjoyable 14km decent into the canyon, where you may see Kudu, Oryx, Springbok and maybe the elusive Mountain Zebra. You will pass through a stunning gorge and hike down to the river bed where you can swim in the rock pool before enjoying your first night dining by the light of the camp fire.

Day 2A gentle 17km walk along the river bed where you may observe a variety of water birds including Heron, Goshawk and Fish Eagle. After a short accent to the upper level you reach your second camp on the edge of a gorge with spectacular views of the river.

Day 3Descend back down into the river bed, day three is a 17km hike along the floor of the canyon where you will marvel at the geological features in this extraordinary landscape. Enjoy your last night camping under the magnificent African sky.

Day 4A challenging 16km hike from the base of the canyon to a beautiful green oasis of Acacia trees on the upper level, where you will be transported back to the lodge to relax before reflecting on your extraordinary adventure over another sumptuous dinner.

Essentials to bring along on your hike

    ·The arrangement is that you may pack a smaller soft bag (if possible) with clothing that you would use at the camp. This bag will then be driven down by the back-up team. Hiking – you will need to have a small back pack to carry your water and lunch pack for each day.

    You will not be required to carry anything ells. Your larger luggage will be kept safe at the lodge until you return.

    ·Type of clothing – Temperatures can drop sharply after sunset, warm clothing is essential. We suggest you bring along outdoor safari cloths and strong but, well worn-in hiking boots for the hike itself. Your swim suit is a must if you would like to swim and cool off in the rock pools along the Fish River. The first and third camp is situated on the sandy banks of the river. The second and third day hike is along the river`s edge, allowing enough opportunity for swimming and breaking for lunch. The lunch pack includes a fruit, cold meat sandwich, Liqui Fruit juice, chees, peanuts and Raisins, yoghurt and a boiled egg.

    ·Please be advised that the first days’ hike is a steep rocky decent that takes about three hours to get to the bottom and from there another 2-3 hours crossing a rocky plain to get to the first camp.Second and third days’ hikes are along the river bed therefore most of it is through thick sand but there are rocky places as well.The last hike is on the plateau of the first canyon and very rocky as well.

    ·Accommodation/Camp – Tents will be pitched at each camp.

    No need to bring your blankets and pillows as these will be provided.

    You will only be allowed to relax in your camp chair while your fully equipped and capable camp team serve you. The camp chef will cater a full Continental and English breakfast in the morning as well as a full three course dinner in the evenings.

    ·There will be a fully stocked bar with drinks of your choice and a sumptuous snack platter to nibble on before dinner while you enjoy the beautiful sunset over the pristine Fish River Canyon.

*You will need to be fit and healthy to enjoy this unique adventur


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