Mtc Mobile Home Maerua
Mtc Mobile Home Maerua

Mtc Mobile Home Maerua

Maerua Mall Shop Nr 38 Windhoek Khomas Region Namibia
-22.583979 17.093697

Based on: 8 reviews
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MTC Maerua Mobile Home is located in the Maerua Mall shopping centre in Windhoek. We sell the latest mobile phones ranging from nokia,samsung,motorolla,iphone, to htc . We have a great variety of contract phones and packages available as well . Feel free to visit our store where our friendly and professional staff will welcome you with open arms !

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Mtc Mobile Home Maerua
Maerua Mall Shop Nr 38
P: 264612802464
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Mtc Mobile Home Maerua Reviews

5 Star Rating - Mtc Mobile Home Maerua

Rated: 5 Stars

Overall 4.8
Mtc Mobile Home Maerua Jan Behr Service is fast,...
Rated 5 Stars
Service is fast, I can pay my bills on time without wasting my time, never been disappointed with the 3G contract I have. 4 years ago
Jan Behr
Mtc Mobile Home Maerua kleophas johannes there is no network...
Rated 5 Stars
there is no network company in this country that has better network in this country, with all the innovative ideas that are at MTC i am certain mtc will dominate for a long time, the services at the  mall is fass with that machine in place. 4 years ago
kleophas johannes
Mtc Mobile Home Maerua Laimi Gideon MTC  always have the...
Rated 5 Stars
MTC  always have the best costumer service . 5 years ago
Laimi Gideon
Mtc Mobile Home Maerua Florence Beukes I love Mtc! Their...
Rated 5 Stars
I love Mtc! Their services are good and they have great specials! They keep their customers happy! 5 years ago
Florence Beukes
Mtc Mobile Home Maerua Abisai Kamati I was there once....
Rated 4 Stars
I was there once. your service was really so good. 5 years ago
Abisai Kamati
Mtc Mobile Home Maerua Selma Phillemon great job guys always...
Rated 5 Stars
great job guys always ready to help...... 5 years ago
Selma Phillemon
Mtc Mobile Home Maerua Tangi Mofuka Fast customer services, quality...
Rated 5 Stars
Fast customer services, quality products 5 years ago
Tangi Mofuka
Mtc Mobile Home Maerua Evelina Hamundja Thumbs up that mtc...
Rated 5 Stars

Thumbs up that mtc eliminated the long ques problem...creativity worked at its best 

5 years ago
Evelina Hamundja

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