Lyon Des Sables
Lyon Des Sables

Lyon Des Sables

The Boardwalk, Waterfront Walvis Bay Erongo Region Namibia
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This mixture of French and Namibian Restaurant is situated in Walvis Bay Namibia .The Exquisite combination of wonderful Namibian products and French cuisine with a large deck with a beautiful panoramic view overlooking the Namibian coast in between the desert whilst enjoying a wonderful meal - what could beat this beautiful experience

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Three out of the last four years French chef, David Thomas, has won the distinction of Namibia’s chef of the year. David and his partner, Virgile Meiller, have built the Lyon des Sables restaurant right in the Walvis Bay lagoon. David’s mastery of the kitchen and Virgile’s graceful hospitality make Lyon des Sables not only one of the best restaurants in Namibia, but one of the best experiences you are likely to find here.

Lyon des Sables has a dual meaning. In French, Lyon de Sables essentially means “lion of the sands,” implying lion of the dunes. It also refers to the location of David and Virgile’s training. Lyon is the food capital of France, where the best restaurants can be found in a country renowned for its food. David and Virgile believe that eating is a reflection of French culture. A meal is about more than enjoying the food or the company.

To David and Virgile, eating is life!The new location befits the quality of the experience of Lyon des Sables. It is a large restaurant with walls full of windows and a large deck to observe the sun going down over the sea. A large bar and lounge welcomes guests for a pre or post dinner drink, and the kitchen is open plan so guests can watch David and his team work.David changes the menu frequently, and you can never be sure what you will find. However, you can always be certain of basics like beef filet, game filet, fish dishes and incredible dessert dishes.

You are also certain to find something you have never seen before in combinations you would never think to put together. Crème brulle with peppers is a clear standout, and David has been known to offer the kids a bubble gum espuma topped with crackling rock candy at the end of a meal!Lyon des Sables is one of the country’s best restaurants with one of the nation’s greatest chefs. French cuisine is always about more than just eating, it is about living well. It’s about great food, good music, good company and a comfortable ambience that is now fully realised in their new location at the lagoon.

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Lyon Des Sables
The Boardwalk, Waterfront
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My family and I stayed at the guesthouse in July for 3 days and the service we received was fantastic. The guest house facilities where cleaned daily and the food served was great aswell. Will be back. Joseph Gustaf

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