Eningu Clayhouse Lodge

65 km from the International Airport

65 km from the International Airport Windhoek Khomas Region Namibia


Eningu Clayhouse Lodge - HAN Member


Eningu is a window on the Kalahari, a creative view from a place of wonderful style and Beauty; a lodge imbued with warmth, handcraft and art, nestled in camelthorn savannah, where the last rocky outcrops of the central Namibian highlands dip their jagged backs into deep red sands, creating the gentle ripples that are the first dunes of the Kalahari...

Walk along well-marked trails, glimpsing steenbok and gemsbok, or a resting eagle owl; watching porcupine or an elusive leopard from the viewing hide at the floodlit waterhole. Be fascinated by archeological remnants, by the whispers of ancient cultures; be inspired by stunning contemporary art at "Peperkorrel - Home of Sculptures", home of the artworks of Dörte Berner, an internationally renowned Artist.

Eningu Clayhouse Lodge, situated on Farm Peperkorrel, offers nine private, individually styled guest rooms, a swimming pool with whirlpool, a rooftop sundeck, a lounge, indoor and outdoor dining areas, an archery range, a wine cellar, a souvenir shop and much more.


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