The Namibian Newspaper
The Namibian Newspaper

The Namibian Newspaper

42 John meinert St windhoek west Namibia
-22.564023 17.072639

Based on: 10 reviews
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The Namibian is the largest daily newspaper in Namibia. It publishes in English and Oshiwambo.

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The Namibian Newspaper
42 John meinert St windhoek west
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The Namibian Newspaper Reviews

4 Star Rating - The Namibian Newspaper

Rated: 4 Stars

Overall 4.5
The Namibian Newspaper Marina  Bezuidenhout good newspaper. holds competitions...
Rated 4 Stars
good newspaper. holds competitions and gives news which others don't have 4 years ago
Marina Bezuidenhout
The Namibian Newspaper Jack Janiel Keep telling it like...
Rated 5 Stars
Keep telling it like it is and keeping us up to date with the latest news. 4 years ago
Jack Janiel
The Namibian Newspaper Tuli Pandeni Keeping me informed.. Still...
Rated 5 Stars
Keeping me informed.. Still telling it like it is....  4 years ago
Tuli Pandeni
The Namibian Newspaper Laimi Gideon Good. telling it like...
Rated 3 Stars
Good. telling it like it is! 4 years ago
Laimi Gideon
The Namibian Newspaper Hendrik Visser great newspaper, hardcopy and...
Rated 5 Stars
great newspaper, hardcopy and on the net 4 years ago
Hendrik Visser
The Namibian Newspaper Florence Beukes I like reading the...
Rated 5 Stars
I like reading the Namibian! Love it! 5 years ago
Florence Beukes
The Namibian Newspaper Abisai Kamati Good newspaper ever, tell...
Rated 4 Stars
Good newspaper ever, tell it like it is! 5 years ago
Abisai Kamati
The Namibian Newspaper Selma Phillemon cliche, but they "still...
Rated 5 Stars

cliche, but they "still telling it like it is"

5 years ago
Selma Phillemon
The Namibian Newspaper kleophas johannes this is my number...
Rated 5 Stars

this is my number one newspaper if i snooze i loose valuable news so i have to get it no matter what.

5 years ago
kleophas johannes
The Namibian Newspaper Sebastian  Frank-Schultz most informative newspaper in...
Rated 5 Stars

most informative newspaper in Namibia!

5 years ago
Sebastian Frank-Schultz

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