Joe’s Beerhouse
Joe’s Beerhouse

Joe’s Beerhouse

160, Nelson Mandela Avenue - Eros, Windhoek Windhoek Khomas Region Namibia
-22.550945 17.090354
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Welcome, you have stumbled across the legend of Joe's Beerhouse. It speaks of an oasis in a land of contrast. A sanctuary of endless relics. A place where you can pull up a chair and relish in good, old-fashion hospitality. Where the portions are generous, the beer is ice cold and good conversation is abundant. If you are ever in this part of the world come for a drink and stay for lunch or dinner.
Joe's Beerhouse is truly Namibian and one of Africa's many wide-spread legends. The restaurant is filled with relics of old and collections of new, each artifact with its very own story. At Joe's Beerhouse, amongst many fascinating pieces, you will see the biggest ox horns you have ever seen and stare in disbelief at the trophies of two kudu bulls entwined.
Located in the capital city of Namibia, Windhoek, you will have to visit this unique Namibian Restaurant and taste locally brewed Windhoek beer or indulge into one of the tasty and perfectly prepared meat dishes.
With it's 550 seats, Joe's Beerhouse can easily cater for larger groups, and you will most probably encounter someone you have met on your travels through Namibia, or you will meet other travelers that there is a good chance of seeing again on your trip through our magnificent country.

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Joe’s Beerhouse
160, Nelson Mandela Avenue - Eros, Windhoek
P: 61232457
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4 Star Rating - Joe’s Beerhouse

Rated: 4 Stars

Silver Excellence HAN Award

Rated: Silver

Overall 4.3
Joe’s Beerhouse Bratwin  Bock Great atmosphere, great place...make...
Rated 4 Stars
Great atmosphere, great place...make sure you have alot of time coz you wont want to leave! 4 years ago
Bratwin Bock
Joe’s Beerhouse Selma Phillemon at times slow service,...
Rated 3 Stars
at times slow service, but once they get going u can have a good time here... 5 years ago
Selma Phillemon
Joe’s Beerhouse Wilko Aschenborn The new and improved...
Rated 5 Stars

The new and improved Joe's is jsut great . Food is amazing with a little new twist !! Atmosphere great as always . This place is a defeinte recomendation

5 years ago
Wilko Aschenborn
Joe’s Beerhouse Marc Neuhaus
Rated 5 Stars

Not the best food in Windhoek, but the atmosphere makes up for it...

5 years ago
Marc Neuhaus
Joe’s Beerhouse Sebastian  Frank-Schultz A must when you...
Rated 5 Stars

A must when you are in Windhoek

5 years ago
Sebastian Frank-Schultz

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My family and I stayed at the guesthouse in July for 3 days and the service we received was fantastic. The guest house facilities where cleaned daily and the food served was great aswell. Will be back. Joseph Gustaf

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