Waldschmidt Eggs

13 Döbra Windhoek Namibia

13 Döbra Windhoek Namibia Windhoek Khomas Region Namibia

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Farm fresh Waldschmidt Eggs are a 100% Namibian product. It was established in 1959 by Jörg Waldschmidt. It since has been a family business. After Jörg Waldschmidt retired his son Eckard Waldschmidt took over the business and it flourishes every year even more.

Did you know that Waldschmidt Eggs are the first and only manufacturers in Namibia who have

a) A production date on every single egg: PD - production date example PD02.20.

b) They raise their own hens in Namibia with guaranteed healthy chicks imported from the Netherlands and Germany.

c) Provide healthy hens and can guarantee that no anti-biotics are used in the production.

d) A 100% namibian business since 1959

e) All systems operate with solar

d) All eggs are sorted with the latest technology with an accuracy of 0.01%

...and therefore are the healthiest Eggs in Namibia!


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