Namskill Namibia Consultancy

5017, Paul van Hartes Road, Khomasdal, Windhoek

5017, Paul van Hartes Road, Khomasdal, Windhoek Windhoek Khomas Region Namibia

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NamSkill Namibia Consultancy aspires to offer a wide range of career skills-empowering workshops and related admin services to unemployed and employed members of the public, self-organised groups, businesses, institutions and organisations on a consultation basis.

Our Products and Services Include:

  2. 1-Day Career Skills Workshop: POSITRONIC POWER (Positive Thinking Skills for Success).
  3. 1-Day Career Skills Workshop: KINESICS 4 ELECTRICS (Positive Body Language for Success).

N$295.00/participant and includes workshop materials, light lunch refreshments and attendance certificate.

Other Related Services:

1. Tailor-made SMART CV according to the latest market demands and Concentric Model. (N$195.00)
2. Business, Project and Research Proposals Design. (N$2500.00)
3. Typing, Translation (English/Afrikaans) and Editing. (N$60.00 per A4 Page on One Side)

4. Data Collection. (Price depends on the scope, type, location, manner and size of data collected)
4. Youth Motivational Speeches. (N$2500.00)
5. Mentorship Programme for Novice Employees (Coming soon...)

Facebook Pages Affiliated to Us:

  1. Namskill Namibia
  2. 5-Star Generation Namibia (Empowering HIV/AIDS support groups of ten members with skills for free)
  3. FindNet Namibia (Searh for your lost/found items here or make easy cash with lost & found items)
  4. Benn-E (Namibian Musician) (Public and Intemate Performances. Price depends on location and duration of performance)

Twitter Page Affiliated to Us:

  1. NamSkill Namibia

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