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c/o Sam Nujoma Drive & Stein Str, Windhoek

c/o Sam Nujoma Drive & Stein Str, Windhoek Windhoek Khomas Region Namibia

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KEA Windhoek depot is situated approximately 30 minutes east of Hosea Kutaku International Airport with terrific scenic drive to our depot and 15 minutes from Eros Airport and drive through central city.


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This is a short review of Kea Campers of South Africa and Namiba (also by the name Kea Britz) In advance of my rental, I asked several questions and ended up selecting Kea based on their response to my questions, most of which turned out to be false information. I was told in advance that I would be picked up at the airport and my vehicle would be ready to go. We rented two vehicles, both with dual fuel tanks (140L total), water tanks, two spare tires and a fridge in each ($1000 extra.) We specifically mentioned that both vehicle should be a Toyota Hylux of similar year for spares/tires etc. When we arrived, no one was at the airport to great us, we were told to drag our bags to the office 1Km from the baggage claim – the Kea office was not responding to calls. After dragging our luggage down the road, through the gravel to the Kea office, we learned the office was not yet open, office hours were 8am. It was 7:45am. Nothing to do but wait. At 8:10 someone finally rolls up to open the office - yet no one can help us until the staff actually arrives at 8:25am… office hours are 8am. It was 8:30 when someone first shows us paperwork. Around 9:15 our trucks are moved out front – which turn out to be a Nissan and an older Toyota with 124k rough miles, and the Toyota doesn’t have a fridge. We argue about having two Toyota’s, which is clearly stated in our request, so they have to find another Toyota and install a fridge – this is all done at a leisurely pace with a lot of head scratching.... around 10am we are presented final paperwork for approval, one of the spare tires was warn so we asked to have it replaced – signed the paperwork and headed to the grocery store. At the store we purchased two and a half weeks worth of meat, vegetables, water, beer, etc. Divided the meat and drinks between the fridges and set off. The next day I notice my fridge is not working properly. The meat in the bottom is already spoiled. Over $200 dollars of steaks and kabobs are now bad. We try and contact Kea by phone, no answer, the office is closed. I have limited service and no internet so at great expense I contacted my wife via sat phone and asked her to email the office – no response. She emails again the following day (same email address I asked my questions) and receives a bounce back that the email box is full – no response is ever received. Our second fridge is now freezing everything when set on the warmest setting – so we have one fridge over cooling and one that will not get colder than 11c during the day but warms to 22-25c a night. I am guessing the Aux Battery in the worn out truck I am driving is bad and can’t keep up. In short we finish the 17 day trip with two flat tires. Kea charges me $500 for their inconvenience to fix the flat tire. Fine. I ask for a full refund on only the non-working fridge, and the lady checking us in calls the manager, he states that we cannot receive a refund – we signed a “legal” document that the fridge was working when we picked up the vehicles – it was our responsibility to bring back the fridge or call and request a new one. By day three, we were 1000km from the airport, how do we request a new fridge? When we stated we attempted to contact the office, they denied receiving our communication and insulted us even further saying that it was in fact our fault, we should have known the fridge was bad before we signed the paperwork. This is the worst customer service experience I have witnessed in recent years. At Kea, apparently the customer was always wrong and you can insult them by bring up baseless ideas the customer should have done to cover for their shoddy equipment and vehicles. The manager would and could do nothing but basically insult us. He agreed to refund the money, but he couldn’t actually do it without approval from someone in South Africa who wasn’t working on a Monday. He wouldn't call them, I had to. I said it was not responsibility to call someone he should. He refused, said the customer had to call when that person was available. So on top of getting fined $500 for the flat spare tire (which I had agreed to) I was also billed $1000 for the non-working fridge that ruined over $200 steak. Don’t use Kea Campers – I will be returning to Namibia but will be looking else where for vehicle rental.

Mix Maven6 years ago

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