Bodega Pizzeria Olympia
Bodega Pizzeria Olympia

Bodega Pizzeria Olympia

Lolo Park, Reginald Walker Street Windhoek Khomas Region Namibia
-22.603413 17.100046

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Bodega Pizzerias is a pizzeria situated in the heart of Olympia Windhoek that specializes in thin based Pizza's. What makes us special is that you can create your own Pizza as you like . The ambiance and atmosphere is very friendly and inviting

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Bodega Pizzeria is situated in Olympia’s Lolopark complex in Windhoek. The pizzeria is one of the oldest pizzerias around. Bodega has an old world charm about it and the earth tones in the decor help patrons relax and enjoy the ambience.

The pizzeria serves lunch as well as dinner and patrons have the option of enjoying a drink at the pizzeria’s bar area while they wait for their order. There is a take-away option also available if patrons don’t feel much like eating out. The restaurant is open to reservations as well as walk in’s. Its the ultimate place for a little group socialisng and its also a good place to take the kiddies. The kids are sure to enjoy the fact that you can make your own pizza. The base is the only thing thats pre-made, patrons can choose whatever combination of toppings they desire to create their ultimate pizza. There is also an ice-cream machine for the hotter days. The best selling meals at the pizzeria are their Apache pizza and their 4x4 pasta, there are naturally many more meals such as delectable salads and scrumptious burgers to suit all kinds of tastes.

Not only is Bodega one of the oldest pizzerias, it is also about to be one of the first restaurant/take-away franchises in Namibia, which is no small feat. The pizzeria is open Mondays to Fridays from 12am to 10pm and on Saturdays from 11am to 10pm.

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Bodega Pizzeria Olympia
Lolo Park, Reginald Walker Street
P: 61252849
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Bodega Pizzeria Olympia Reviews

4 Star Rating - Bodega Pizzeria Olympia

Rated: 4 Stars

Overall 4.4
Bodega Pizzeria Olympia Ernst Kubirske What I like...
Rated 4 Stars
What I like most about Bodega is that you can build your own Pizza and the atmosphere is very cozy. 4 years ago
Ernst Kubirske
Bodega Pizzeria Olympia Jack Janiel Love this especially pepperoni...
Rated 5 Stars
Love this especially pepperoni pizza 4 years ago
Jack Janiel
Bodega Pizzeria Olympia Karin Wormsbaecher Best Pizza! everyone aggrees!...
Rated 4 Stars
Best Pizza! everyone aggrees! :) and their olives are perfect! 4 years ago
Karin Wormsbaecher
Bodega Pizzeria Olympia Cedric Engelbrecht Best pizza's for the...
Rated 5 Stars
Best pizza's for the price, just had the best slice for the afternoon. 5 years ago
Cedric Engelbrecht
Bodega Pizzeria Olympia Marc Neuhaus
Rated 3 Stars

5 years ago
Marc Neuhaus
Bodega Pizzeria Olympia Wilko Aschenborn I love Bodega Pizza...
Rated 5 Stars

I love Bodega Pizza - Its base is thin and the Pizza is awesome !!! Best Pizza in town by far

5 years ago
Wilko Aschenborn
Bodega Pizzeria Olympia Sebastian  Frank-Schultz great pizza for reasonable...
Rated 5 Stars

great pizza for reasonable prices

5 years ago
Sebastian Frank-Schultz
Bodega Pizzeria Olympia Carmen Kittler BEST Pizzeria in Windhoek!!!...
Rated 5 Stars

BEST Pizzeria in Windhoek!!! Delicious pizza's, mouth watering pasta's and burgers! Cozy and warm, with friendly and prompt service! Also have ice-cream with crunchy, sweet home-made cones! :-)

5 years ago
Carmen Kittler

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