Katima Craft Centre

Arandis Erongo Region Namibia

Arts & Crafts - Wholesale & Retail

Katima Craft Centre - NTB Member


The Katima Craft Centre started as a community project in 1986 with only ten members. In 1988 the owner of the Zambezi Lodge offered them a site where they could conduct their business from and they started encouraging other members of the community to get involved. In 1990 they formed the Caprivi Arts and Culture Association and in 1995 the current building was erected with funding from a Swedish Organisation. WWF assisted in providing funding for training to include the quality of their products and today the association has approximately 500 members.

All the crafts on display in the centre are sourced from local villages. Every crafter receives an identification code and at the end of the month they receive payment for the crafts they sold during the month. Amongst the craft on sale are woodcarvings, basketry, pottery, bracelets and neck chains.


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