Vacancies 7th of February 2019


QUALIFIED ANTI-POACHING Rangers needed with minimum 3 years experience (Management Position). Qualifications & experience needed for this position: Very important: Only applicants with at least 4 of the qualifications / experience need to apply otherwise you will not be considered for the position. Rifle Proficiency certificates (SAQA 117705, 119651 & 123519), Supervise Firearm Training qualification certificate (SAQA unit standard 123520), Cybertracker Tracker or other tracking certificate, minimum Level 1, proof of dog handling experience (tracking/ field trial) or qualification certificate. Must be competent horse rider & will be beneficial if you have experience in training horses, proof of experience or certificate. Proof of experience or qualification certificate working in dangerous game/ Big 5 areas. Anti-Poaching experience proof of or certificate of training/ qualification. Package includes: housing, water, electricity & meat. Please e-mail CV to: &


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