Omaruru Wildlife Estate, Omaruru: Large Lifestyle Plot is for Sale

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Omaruru Wildlife Estate, Omaruru: Large Lifestyle Plot is for Sale

N$ 1,590,000.00

MYNA17557 Omaruru

This property is really beautiful as:

* It has a high lying area, which can offer great views to the north
* There are some rocky outcrops that can also provide a beautiful setting for a dwelling.

Plot size: 13.26 Hectares

Price: N$1 590 000

General Information relating to the estate:
* Omaruru Wildlife Estate is located around 6km outside Omaruru, on the Uis road.

* The Estate consists of 55 life style plots. The estate is only residential, and thus can no farming or other economical activities be undertaken.

* The only fence is the perimeter fence around the estate. No plot can be fenced in. Only 1 Hectare around a dwelling on a plot can be fenced in.

* A maximum of 2 dwellings can be erected on a plot. Dwelling should have either Thatch or Tile Roofs.

* There are various antelope and giraffe roaming on the estate. Most owners have water holes and feeding points close to their homes

* There is one large river that crosses the estate, and some smaller rivers in some areas.

* There is a monthly levy of N$2 000 that applies: This is for security, and road maintenance.

* Normal municipal rates apply (around N$1 000 per month).

* Municipal water is available for each plot.

* Each plot should be totally self sufficient with off the grid electricity solutions (like Solar Power)


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