&beyond; Sossusvlei Desert Lodge Reviews

5 Star Rating - &beyond; Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

Rated: 5 Stars

Overall 4.8
Immanuel. G.G. Pieters
Rated 5 Stars

It is amazing how the animals such as oryx is thriving in those semi to desert areas

Immanuel. G.G. Pieters8 years ago
Jack Janiel
Rated 5 Stars

I enjoyed this place.. we had a great vacation.

Jack Janiel8 years ago
Rowan Imms
Rated 4 Stars

Fantastic Lodge. Stayed there in June and the hospitality was exceptional!

Rowan Imms8 years ago
Shelly Nel
Rated 5 Stars

Enjoyed our visirt and the food was great!

Shelly Nel8 years ago
Iiyambo Shipweya
Rated 5 Stars

This is an awesome place to be, the view is beautiful to see, great mountains. i have a sister who works there and she tells me of how wonderful it is am looking forward to visit it some day!

Iiyambo Shipweya8 years ago
Ruth Kalola
Rated 5 Stars

I love the place

Ruth Kalola8 years ago
Esmerelda Swanepoel
Rated 5 Stars

Spectacular Views, Outstanding service and attention, Accommodation is out of this world!

Esmerelda Swanepoel8 years ago

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