First National Bank- Main Windhoek Branch Reviews

5 Star Rating - First National Bank- Main Windhoek Branch

Rated: 5 Stars

Gold Excellence HAN Award

Rated: Gold

Overall 4.5
Michael McNab
Rated 5 Stars

In terms of technological advancements... way surpass their competitors. One thing that can really change though is the long queues. Nevertheless, a great financial institution. 

Michael McNab5 years ago
Tuli Pandeni
Rated 4 Stars

best bank ever, they have customer service , they have a friendly staff  n so many exciting program me making  banking easier n faster 

Tuli Pandeni5 years ago
Florence Beukes
Rated 5 Stars

Top Bank! Good services to all their clients! I will never leave FNB

Florence Beukes6 years ago
Selma Phillemon
Rated 5 Stars

best service at their Exclusive banking suite.....but as a note for my fellow Namibians please do something about month end queus when some atms run out of cash in the AM already...

Selma Phillemon6 years ago
Evelina Hamundja
Rated 4 Stars

technologically advanced banking services

Evelina Hamundja6 years ago
Sebastian  Frank-Schultz
Rated 5 Stars

great bank, however, there are always very long queues at tellers and ATM's

Sebastian Frank-Schultz6 years ago

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