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5 Star Rating - Hohewarte Gästefarm

Rated: 5 Stars

Gold Excellence HAN Award

Rated: Gold

Facilities 5
Food N Beverages 5
Rooms 5
Location 5
Sleep Quality 5
Cleanliness 5
Value For Money 5
Service 5
Overall 5
Isabell He
Rated 5 Stars

Hohewarte is a lovely, homely place to stay and definitively worth visiting. Besides from the luxurious rooms offering very comfortable beds, you get served homemade, fresh and rich food you have to love. Any special wishes or needs for dinner will be fulfilled, as well as for the healthy and rich breakfast. Apart from that you will get served coffee and cake in the afternoon. The farm itself is located beautifully between several mountains and offers many different aspects of nature like riverbeds and spurs of the Kalahari. Additionally, you have quite a lot of game to see like kudus, oryx, zebras and warthogs, which can be observed on the walks you may do (from one hour to a whole day), on a game drive or while riding on one of the lovely and calm horses. The sunrise as well as the sunset can be watched easily surrounded by the impressing nature directly on the farm. When the days are getting hot you can relax at the refreshing pool. If you need any transfers from or to Hohewarte, everything will be organised for you. Heike will do everything possible for you to make your stay unforgettable and comfortable, supported by her husband Markus, who will probably entertain you with some stories from experienced adventures on the farm. For me this was an incredible stay and whenever possible, I will come back!

Isabell He3 years ago

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