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Since 2007 the international community has been celebrating World Spine Day every 16th of October. This day was announced by the Bone & Joint Decade and the World Health Organisation. The aim is to create awareness of the vast extent of suffering caused by spine-related disorders and the consequential disabilities. Globally chiropractic associations and their member chiropractors have made it their mission to call attention to the importance of looking after the back and the spine for optimal health. A specific exercise programme was developed to maintain flexibility and strengthen postural muscle groups. It is intended that this exercise programme is incorporated into a daily routine by young and old in order to avoid spinal illness.
The Namibian Chiropractic Association has put together a presentation explaining the basic biomechanics of the spine, office and home ergonomics, tips on how to sit, sleep and carry and the Straighten-Up exercise programme. Should you, your school, company, club etc. be interested in this presentation, you are invited to contact us for a demonstration.
We invite all to join us and have fun with the Straighten Up exercise routine! Download and follow the simple programme as illustrated.


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