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The goals of the National Marine Aquarium are to spread information about Namibian marine life and to enhance knowledge about the sensitivity and complexity of the Benguela system.

Species that can be seen at the aquarium include Galjoen, West Coast Steenbras, Baardman, Ragged-tooth Shark, Shyshark, Kipfish, African Penguin, Cape cormorant, Blacktail, Redfingers, Horse Mackarel, Octopus, Green Turtle, Pipefish, Hermit Crab, Kelp Gull, White Pelican, Anemone, Horseshoe Sea Cucumber, Spotted Grunter, Mullet, Spotted Gully Shark, Blue-spotted Ray, Sand Shrimp, Crumb-of-bread Sponge, Silver Kob, Barbel, Houndshark, Eagle, Ray, Hawksbill Turtle, Three-spot swimming Crab, Red Crab and Cape fur Seal.

The more commercial species include Chub Mackerel, Horse Mackerel, Deepwater Hake, Orange roughy, Alfonsino, West Coast Sole, Kingklip, Cape Hake, Mako Shark, Red Crab, Cape rock Lobster, Anchovy, Pilchard, Mullet, Silver, Kob, Monkfish, Swordfish, Snoek, Yellowfin Tuna, Blue Shark and Cape fur seal.

Seawater is drawn in from the old jetty and pumped through various filter systems into the exhibition tanks.


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