Ambush Adventure Gear


For the nature lover who wants to blend successfully into the African Bush

The inspiration for this unique range of Namibian camouflage clothing comes from many years' experience running a hunting farm in teh okahandja district, Namibia. Through observing and conversing with clients from all over the world, it struck me that each and every hunter needs to hunt in special clothing.

The trend to hunt in khaki colours is slowly being replaced by camouflage and, especially for bow hunters, camouflage is the number one requirement for successful hunts. Before Ambush, there was no true Namibian camo.

Accordingly, I did research, photographed a wide variety of Namibian Bush scenes and came up with a pattern that blends superbly with our surroundings.

The design is dark, making it perfect for both sitting in a hide or stalking and does not stand out unnaturally in green or beige coloured surrounding bush. The grey stalks in the pattern reflect the dry dead bushes that are an all-season feature of the Namibian lanscape.

Numerous other makes of camouflage clothing populate the market; however Ambush clothing is distinguished by its use of durable, 100% cotton with a focus on functional, fashionable garments.

Ambush Camouflage Clothing is designed for all nature lovers from photo adventurers to mountain climbers, hikers,, animal lovers and of course the hunting market.

We cater for men, women, children and - to my special delight - we will have a baby range too.

Sitta Voigts - Owner/ Print Designer


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