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Inspiration can be found beyond the usual horizons. Explore them with field-tested tours in Namibia and feel at home with a broadened mind.

African Desk is a tour operator in Swakopmund, specializing in Family trips to Namibia as well as weddings and honeymoons at Namibia's Atlantic coast Committed to introduce foreign travellers into the people’s lives, values and culture we strive to encourage the development of remote communities.

For a memorable trip to Namibia African Desk will organize for you:

  • Complete itineraries for the whole of Namibia - for singles, couples and groups, with a tour guide or as a self-drive-tour
  • Holidays for families with children
  • Stays on traditional Namibian farms
  • Township-Tours - Katutura (Windhoek) or Mondesa (Swakopmund
  • Accommodation for a self-planned tour
  • Rental car and a 24-pick-up-Service to and from Windhoek Airport
  • Wedding ceremonies and honeymoons

African Desk is owned and run by Elizabeth de Beer in Swakopmund (Namibia) inspiring a lively and human link between visitors, tour guides, hosts and local suppliers.

Travelling to Africa is also about changing perspectives. Seing people with a different eye. If you wish so an experienced Namibian tour guide will accompany you during your trip to get this different view in life. Our multilingual tour guides are familiar with climate, wildlife and cultures of Namibia. They will also take care of all the logistics: Drive the car safely along the gravel roads, purchase food and beverages during the trip, prepare meals (should you prefer), confirm accommodation and contact the Swakopmund office if necessary.

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African Desk Tour Operator
Bismarckstreet 5 (Woermannhaus Unit No.5), Swakopmund
P: 64400350
C: 812708063
F: 64400350
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African Desk Tour Operator Sebastian Triesch I was in Namibia...
Rated 5 Stars
I was in Namibia for the third time and I have done all the trips with africandesk. We started 5 years ago with our wedding in Swakop’, now 5 years later we were there to introduce our 2 year’s old little son. I will ever book with africandesk because Elisabeth is one of the best tour operators I can imagine. She always finds the right tour depending our actual needs and preference. She also knew a lot of nice places off the beaten track and will organize an unforgettable holiday with meet up with all the different cultures in Namibia on the same level. 2 years ago
Sebastian Triesch

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My family and I stayed at the guesthouse in July for 3 days and the service we received was fantastic. The guest house facilities where cleaned daily and the food served was great aswell. Will be back. Joseph Gustaf

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